About 3 Phase Energy Systems

Since 2007, 3 Phase Energy Systems, Inc. (3PESI), has engaged in the design, manufacture, sale, and service of renewable energy solutions to a rapidly growing global market. Our Flagship product, Powersails™, and its delivery/deployment platform, Powersails™ POD, are manufactured in Auburn WA. USA and offers the only Sustainable Advertising solution engineered for urban areas. We believe in a simple concept: generate energy where energy is used, then increase value through sustainable advertising. 60% of all electricity produced in 2011 was consumed by businesses most of which have a marketing budget.

The primary barrier to adopting renewable energy solutions are the initial capital cost. To minimize costs we use CAD/CAM modeling and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation software, employ automated material handling and robotic systems, and practice lean manufacturing principles.

Our approach from the beginning was to address energy needs in urban areas. Urban zones typically consume energy without producing it, and are typically plagued with turbulent, low wind resources. Given this environment, the engineering challenge was to develop an innovative solution that met safety standards, height limitations, and zoning requirements while producing meaningful power at an affordable price. Our unique rotor design begins with an ultralight weight, low rpm, high torque prime mover paired with either a synchronous or asynchronous generator system. Powersail blades are designed based on a hybrid sail/wing and are configured to site wind resources, are adjustable to seasonal fluctuations, and are interchangeable with many other wind turbine manufacturers’ designs.

Powersails™ POD

In an effort to further reduce cost we focused on all the activity leading up to the commissioning of renewable energy systems. Site preparation and installation costs average 15% to 25% of the total cost of ownership. PODs are manufactured in a factory environment with cost controls, Certified ISO Quality Standards, and lean manufacturing principles. PODs are the shipping container AND structural base containing the entire system with turbine, tower, energy management sensors, and controls. The POD also contains the grid tie electronics or off grid energy storage (depending on model selected). In addition to wind, PODs offer integrated power input options consisting of solar and fuel (diesel, gas or propane generator). POD’s are the only mobile, deployable, self contained, multi-option renewable energy solution that can also accommodate options for communications and life support systems.

Disaster PREP (Powersails™ Relief Exchange Program)

When disaster strikes, rapid response in aid and support is essential to saving lives. In many disaster zones, infrastructures require years to repair or replace. The disaster PREP network comprises a group of community conscious Powersails™ POD owners. In the event of an emergency, these owners offer assistance by exchanging their qualified used and operational PODs for a replacement system; 3PESI coordinates the system’s removal, inspection, and transportation to the disaster area, then coordinates the delivery of the owner’s new replacement system. The disaster PREP program is optional, but encouraged!

When Disaster strikes and a request is made by a funded non-government organization, government organization or private party, Disaster PREP members are contacted and choose to, or not to participate in the relief effort and exchange their POD. Owners opting for an exchange are compensated for the time they do not have their POD. The compensation will be based on market conditions and other factors, determined by 3PESI. A replacement POD with matching ratings and features is manufactured and returned to the Owner within an agreed upon time frame. Additional upgrades can be purchased for the replacement POD. 3PESI coordinates all exchanges and transportation.

Green energy today, for a sustainable tomorrow.