The Powersails Difference

Powersails generate more power at a lower cost than any other small wind turbine. It can double potential power production by adjusting the turbines swept area based on wind conditions. In low to moderate wind, sails fully extend maximizing power production. In high wind, sails retract protecting the system. Increasing a turbines swept area by 25% you realize a 100% increase in potential wind energy. Increase it by 50% and realize a 200% increase. This innovation will set a new standard for wind turbine efficiency.

Adjustable Swept Area

Once the microprocessor and software are complete, Powersails will incrementally adjust based on wind conditions maximizing power production.

How Powersails Work

Each individual sail structure weighs 27lbs to 50lbs depending on model. Less weight results in less inertial forces caused by rotation. Within the hub resides actuator motors with ratings of 1000lbs push 1000lbs hold and 800lbs pull. Those motors expand and contract Powersails. As a prime mover system Powersails are scalable and adaptable to any wind turbines generator main shaft with some engineering.

Powersails ASA